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The Jagged Edge of the World

If you can see this in person probably wait until then, it’s much more powerful as an experience.

Posted by Tim Bray to ongoing.

Caught in pixels for your, well, not pleasure exactly. I’m talking about the World
Press Photo Contest Winners’ Gallery
. If you have any kind of a heart, there are pictures here that will tear holes in it. And some that are just insanely pretty.

I Like America and America Likes Me

A 5min bit on BBC's The World, reporting on the [corporate] censorship of Jonathan Hexner's video art piece "I Like America and America Likes Me" which was to be displayed on the Axel Springer building in Berlin. You can view the video piece on The World's website (you might want to download that and play in quicktime unless you have a browser window wider than 2016px).

Via David Post at Volokh.

Amazon air crash 'was collision'

A 737 hits an executive jet, the 737 goes down killing 155, and the executive jet is fine to make it to an airport?

Story at BBC News.

Update: Joe Sharkey of the NYT who was on the executive jet, tells his story.