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Frank Bretschneider Boiler Room Berlin Live Set

Frank Bretschneider: One of the key activists of the electronic music underground in former East Germany, Frank Bretschneider has continued to revolutionize electronic music as part of raster-noton for the past 20 years. Today he presents his brand new album!

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Saturday at Berghain

And at some point it comes to an end. After all, Berghain is a club and not an after-party location. You go to the cloakroom and hand over your cloakroom tag, which—just one indication of the attention paid to every last detail—is not a ticket with a number, like everywhere else, but a metal tag on a string which you can wear around your neck or tie on somewhere else. Whatever state you might be in at the end of the night, you will definitely get your coat back. They think these things through here. Which is important when no one is in the soundest frame of mind.

Then you stumble out of the door and into the light. You nod goodbye to the doormen—not that you know them, but because you feel in some way indebted to them. Somehow you have to give the night some symbolic closure. You look around, feel the fresh air on your skin, notice how much you’ve actually been sweating. You hear the faint ringing in your ears mixed with the twittering of the birds, the chatter of people sitting around having another beer, and the soft rattle of the sound system emanating from the building.

Now you can go home. Or stop by Bar 25 again.

Boiler Room Berlin/ Sigur Rós (DJ) aka Triple Nipple, Thomas Fehlmann, Emika, Oake & Marius Reisser

Homopatik Jubilaeum May 2013

The homopatik anniversary anthology cut. Nice one! Wish I could be there!

GebrüderTeichmann live @ WMF - Loveparade 2001

Clasic sounds

Berlin-Kreuzberg, 1979

Techno Changed My Life

Homopatik Tropical

6 days till I hit the tropics

I Like America and America Likes Me

A 5min bit on BBC's The World, reporting on the [corporate] censorship of Jonathan Hexner's video art piece "I Like America and America Likes Me" which was to be displayed on the Axel Springer building in Berlin. You can view the video piece on The World's website (you might want to download that and play in quicktime unless you have a browser window wider than 2016px).

Via David Post at Volokh.