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Destiny Beta

A baby bird came to visit

Fusion Fuel


Oakland is dangerous, just got hit in an airsoft drive by.


Sunglasses are earplugs for your eyes

Sunglasses are earplugs for your eyes.

A break in the rain at a rather wet fusion

Techno Changed My Life

DutchTek 2008

Boy those DJ's sure look happy don't they?

Here you can see a good example of the dutch "tekno" dance.

Check the girl rocking out at 4:10.

Fusion Festival

End of June - every year the same procedure… On a former Russian military airfield in the middle of nowhere in the fields of northern Germany FUSION arises, the biggest holiday and party camp all over the place. 4 days of holiday communism is the motto and as such the programme covers it all.

Where’s Waldo?:

Photo by phogel

Good overview of the camp and my favorite stage:

Rumor was 40k people by sunday.

Remute midnight friday:


Sunday morning, DJ Koze:

Tokyo pics

Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography

Went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography yesterday, and saw two of my favorite photos ever, and a contender for #3. They apparently own an amazing collection, many of my favorites were theirs.

Can't find anything by Keiichirō Gotō online, but his "Displaced History" is my new number 1. Saw a really good print of Bill Brant's "Portrait of Young Girl, Eaton Place, 1955"

The other was from Mario Giacomelli's "There are no hands to caress my face" series, a cropped to a very wide format shot of 3 seminarians compressed from background to foreground looking at a kitten climbing a tree.

Dances with horses, or defending the indefensible

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One of the better introductions to “Zoo” that I have read, though the interview is pretty lame (not the writers fault, heh)

I can understand anybody’s reluctance to engage with the issues raised in “Zoo,” a lovely, subdued film, washed in midnight blue, that flirts with the outer edges of documentary reconstruction and poetic license – and is certain to make you uncomfortable. But much of the outraged response to “Zoo,” almost all of it from people who haven’t seen the film (I heard a lot of this myself, after covering it at Sundance), is based on willful ignorance and incomprehension.

Into the Shadowy World of Sex With Animals

Posted by MANOHLA DARGIS to NYT > Movie Reviews.

“Zoo” is, to a large extent, about the rhetorical uses of beauty. It is, rather more coyly, also about a man who died after having sex with a stallion.

Opening in NYC this week, also a review in the The Village Voice

I hear a rumor that it has been accepted into Cannes, not sure if that means in competition, or what, but pretty crazy anyway.

A Lyrical Approach to a Subject That Shocks

A decent review in the NYT