Things tagged diy:

Hexagon cake knife

Demonstrating the pantorouter

Matthias Wandel:

Plenty more about this and other cool projects on his site

Playing with Power

Dillon Markey, an animator for Robot Chicken and PES, modifies a Nintendo Power Glove as the most awesome animation tool ever.

Felling a big pine tree & milling slabs with a Chainsaw Mill

The Mechanical Harmonic Analyzer

Martin Parr: Teddy Gray's Sweet Factory

MOOG LIVES. PLAY ON. | The Making of the Little Phatty

Fly rod makers Tom Morgan, Gerri Carlson create 'Unity with the Universe'

Wright Thompson in ESPN Magazine:

Can a fly rod really hold the secret of life? In the central Montana mountains, a paralyzed man and his wife are proving the answer just might be yes.

More then you ever wanted to know about jet turbines

Spent about 6 hours of my day off nerding out over this guys videos. All you ever wanted to know about power turbines.

Elektrobiblioteka / Electrolibrary

Making of the diploma project on Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice (Poland), inspired by El Lissitzky’s manifesto published in 1923.

The Mother of All Maker Zen Clips

Bruce Sterling at Beyond the Beyond:

*This French guy is serenely hand-manufacturing his own vacuum tubes.

*This video is seventeen minutes long. I’d also be guessing this gentleman has invested about seventeen years in acquiring that vacuum-tube zen.