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But what is the Fourier Transform?


An animated introduction to the Fourier Transform, winding graphs around circles.

Humble + 1980s Indian Dance Video Sync

The definition of passion for music

Darude - Sandstorm (Potato Cover)

As a fan of Sandstorm covers with alternate instruments, I can’t not post this:

Of course this will never be topped:

Ins Holz

Dance in the Real World


Nihon Nights

If you can get past the shitty red bull editing, there is some fantastic content in here.

Drive Chains with Paul Sztorc

Paul Sztorc has finally figured out how to communicate about what Drive Chains is, and here is a good hour and a half of that.

Persistence of Vision III

I Have a Message for You


Meet the Engineer Preserving The Last Analog Motion Graphics Machine

The surprising pattern behind color names around the world

Apocalypse Now Now

Kid filming hit by rocket

Oh Damn

The man who swims to work

Welcome to Poppy’s World

Lexi Pandell at Wired:

It’s hard to explain Poppy to the uninitiated. But I’m going to try.

Let’s start with the edge of the Poppy rabbit hole: You see a woman in a YouTube video. She is blond and petite with the kind of Bambi-sized brown eyes you rarely encounter in real life. She seems to be in her late teens or early twenties, though her pastel clothing and soft voice are much more childlike.

Maybe you start with “I’m Poppy,” a video where she repeats that phrase over and over in different inflections for 10 minutes. That’s right. Ten minutes. She seems, by turns, bored, curious, and sweet. As it continues, you notice that her voice does not quite match the movement of her lips; it’s delayed just a beat.

You watch more. There’s a video of her interviewing a basil plant.

And two of her reading out loud from the Bible. In one, her nose spontaneously starts bleeding. All of her videos are like this: unsettling, repetitive, sparse. Imagine anime mixed with a healthy heap of David Lynch, a dash of Ariana Grande, and one stick of bubblegum.

Serial: The Christmas Surprise

Apparently Serial has a new podcast. This is not it.

All That We Share

Gurgaon: India's Private City

Powerful. And Mr. Parth Shah speaks my mind exactly: “One simple way to assess success is; do people want to go there? Are people going there willing to settle there, open their businesses [ … ] On all of those counts, Gurgaon has been fabulously successful.”